play king

Introduction toPlayking, a subsidiary of Green Tea Restaurant,
offering an innovative and creative dining experience for customers

Business Scope: Fusion of Eastern and Western Cuisine

Target Consumer Groups: Customers wholove to travel, young people who like
Chinese and Western culture

Average Per Capita Consumption: 55-65 RMB/person

Specialty Dishes: Durian flammekueche

Brand Story:
The China Tour of the French flammekueche

Playking founder Lian Shen, in a journey across the border between Germany and France, tasted the delicious “Flammekueche” ("Flammekueche"). In order to bring this traditional rural French dish back to China, he made several trips to the Alsace region of France, finally obtaining authentic recipes for the the Flammekueche.

After returning home, Mr. Shen built an oven in the hostel he owned, and began to attempt to recreate the “Flammekueche” he had fallen in love with in France. Along with Michelin-starred restaurant chef Tom Chen Zhenxi, it took 2 years of painstaking research and development, over three tons of four, and repeated attempts before he was finally able to replicate the dish. Thus, we present Playking—its specialty dish the unique “Flammekueche” that is sure to tempt and charm all customers.

Creative Eastern and
Western Fusion Dishes

In the development of dishes offered at Playking, a deliberate attempt was made to combine dishes such as steamed meat and preserved vegetable, beef with pickled peppers,chicken with cumin, and other famous Chinese dishes with the French “flammekueche,” creating a unique fusion of Chinese and Western cuisines.


Interior Design of Playking

Inspired by the Internet and social marketing, the space is designed with leisure as its theme, offering a fresh and gourmet social space for young consumers to connect and communicate in.