In many cases, fine cuisine is comparable to love. The feeling of excitement at first glance when you meet “the one,” the inability to disentagle oneself from them even if they are away. This is the feeling consumers of Green Tea Restaurant have.

“In this world, the only two things you cannot live without are fine food and love.” At Green Tea Restaurant, you use your taste buds to recall the taste of love.

Hangzhou Green Tea Catering Management Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2008. Similar to many other restaurants, its first storefront was opened near the bustling West Lake, a busy commercial district in the prominent city of Hangzhou. Due to the location, the store attracted the attention of thousands of passersby’s each day.

Its distinct and irresistible taste gained popularity amongst its customers in a short period of time. Since its first restaurant, Green Tea Catering Management Co., Ltd has credited word-of-mouth advertising, as opposed to traditional advertising, for its success in China.

Green Tea Restaurant, a leading provider of food and beverage in China, has been honored with many well-known awards given by the media and has received unanimous recommendation and praise. Known as the the Chinese food sector’s equivalent to “ZARA,” Green Tea Restaurant continues to lead China’s restaurant industry, withcustomers of all ages queuing in line for a meal.

Customers are attracted to Green Tea Restaurant because of the wonderful fusion of green tea flavors in many dishes, the wide array of local cuisines offered, and the natural atmosphere offered by the dining experience.

“Green Tea Restaurant deeply imprints itself in the hearts of every customer.” In terms of Green Tea Restaurant’s international expansion, Green Tea team members are confident of success, as “customers from all over the world will fall in love with Green Tea,” because Green Tea is a restaurant that is sentimental and nostalgic.

Green Tea Restaurant Group has three subsidiary branches under its name:

  • Green Tea ,

    Pinnacle Green Tea Restaurant


  • Purpose:

    For more people to be able to eat at
    Green Tea Restaurant Group

  • Philosophy:

    To provide customers with a perfect balance of food and beauty